Bound by Time 1926

Bound by Time the Series
Time travel is an exciting idea for anyone who has an imagination. But what might happen in this day or computers powerful enough to do … well almost anything? That is exactly how this series came into existence. While there were people who were aware of extraordinary happenings at points in time, I am perhaps one of the very few living persons with whom the truth behind the scenes has been shared. And my source is unimpeachable. You see, my source is the source himself. I have known Seth Watson since his birth some decade ago. However it is the much older Seth who visits occasionally just to share a tale or two with me. It is important to note that every story in this series shares some basic ingredients. Each is created from the same starting point which is in 2022. Each trip back is from that time and to some date previous to Seth’s birthday which was in 1998. You see, Seth, is twenty-four years old when the stories start. As part of his protection mechanism, he decided there was only one firm rule. He would always go back to before 1998, since he can’t possibly encounter himself then.
Bound by Time - 1926
Set in 1926, Seth, “becomes” Curtis Murdock Madison, and goes back to fleece the Madison estate and finds he is more interested in his new-found twin "sisters" , Barbara Anne and Elisabeth Murdock, than the money. He catches his "sisters" in a compromising situation, having lesbian sex with the young maid. As punishment for their perverted activities, he stages a trial and sentences all three of the wayward girls to a captivity of strict confinement and sexual depravity.

Bound by Time 1926
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