Captive Journey

 Captive Journey

By: Valentine Adams

When Heather Journey made more than a million-dollar sale, she wasn't surprised that the buyer expected something in exchange. Considering the commission on this one sale was the best year's pay she'd had in the business, she was willing to do almost anything in return.  And when she misunderstood at first, thinking he just wanted a roll in the hay, the twenty-six year old blonde had no real problem agreeing. But when she understood what he was really asking for, her confidence dropped considerably. He explained that what he wanted was her freedom for a week. He desired absolute control and possession of her mind and body for seven days. Was she crazy to even think about it? But there was something intriguing about him and the prospect of spending a week in captivity with this man. The week became an incredible twelve days journey into the world of bondage and her life will never be the same.


Heather is a modern professional woman who lives her life as she sees fit. When Victor Dulaney, who offers to make her sales quota for the year approaches her, she's open to whatever type of deal he might have in mind. But it's not a kickback or even a frolic in the hay that he wants. He explains to her that he is into bondage and wants to have her that way. He is willing to give her the biggest sale of her life if only she will give herself over to him for seven days. He outlines the details to this absolute novice. But there's something about Victor that strikes a chord with Heather. And for whatever reason, she trusts him. And finally, she is drawn to the taboo nature of what he is offering.

The sale is made and as agreed, Heather joins Victor for a week at his home on St. Lucia. There she is held in almost  constant bondage. She finds that her loss of freedom is a small price to pay for the real freedom she has found with this strange man. She has overcome many of her fears and finds that the life of a possession is not unpleasant.

The seven days become twelve and by the end of her visit, Heather is changed forever. Her life will never return to what she thought was normal. She wouldn't have it even if it did. Heather's journey is only beginning and she's eager for the change of scenery.

Captive Journey
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