Island Plaything

Two in One
This latest from bestselling author, Valentine Adams it a pair of novellas offered in a single volume.
Island Plaything
What does a man do when he is a single father of two in his mid-thirties with a mundane, going nowhere job do when he suddenly becomes wealthy? Lesser men would spend money like there was no tomorrow, but that isn’t the case with this responsible member of society. After his kids are away at school and graduate school respectively, he does what he can to help others, including buying a mixed race island girl from her stepfather who needs the money for the rest of his family. Now, rather than living alone, he can have constant company and pretty much anything he desires. Imagine having that thrust upon you. The outcome might surprise you in more ways than one.
Island Plaything Two: Caribbean Captive
Cooper Endicott had been a dropout from the pressurized life of corporate America for twenty years now. And for that long he had operated a shuttle between the islands southeast of Florida like Grand Cayman, Barbados and others. He had only one rule and that was to obey the law. But Coop had grown lonely and when he saw the little blonde and found out that she was healthy, educated and virtually alone in the world, he finally broke his rule; and he broke the law. Abigayle Sloane had a new graduate degree in library science and a job starting in three weeks in a new city for her. She had no family, or boyfriend waiting, just the job where no one had even met her except for the library director who conducted her interviewed. She was spending the time until then fulfilling a long time dream to island hop in the Caribbean. And when Coop saw her in that black sundress with the bright blue, pink and yellow flowers, he just couldn’t help himself. He needed her and there was nothing else to do but make her his.
Valentine Adams does it again with two short bursts of sexual energy that gets right to the point. And if you like these, maybe we can convince him to do some more.

Island Plaything
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