Snow Angel

by Valentine Adams and Eden T. Chase


After a bestselling first novel, Valentine Adams and Eden Chase have teamed up again and this time the story is hot, smart and ready for primetime.

Madeline, a twenty-something is trained pastry chef from the southeast who has started anew. She has taken a job in the library of August Halsted College in Halsted’s Ferry, NY. Recently divorced from an abusive husband, she figured it was time for a life change. Little did she realize just how much of a change she had in store …

The most remarkable and revealing thing would not be what he said but the way he said it, in absolutely perfect, unaccented English.

“But you must understand that I can only share some of this with you. I am bound by an oath. I am Dmitri Vavilov and I grew up in Odesa in the Ukraine and I am here to steal several paintings from the Worthington Gallery. I cannot allow anyone to be able to trace my whereabouts. I needed a place to stay, a safe house if you will. I saw you and … I could see lonely written all over … And you were so pretty. I wanted to meet you.”

Snow Angel
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