What Goes Around

What Goes Around is the conclusion of a story that started in another book entitled All’s Fair.  This part of the tale takes the reader from the southern coast of North Carolina to the swamps of Louisiana and back again. 

The novel completes the story of Ben Coulter, a thirty-something college professor and his friend Curt Donovan and their battle to first rescue and then protect Allison Merryweather, the young woman in Ben's life.  She's been involved first in a con game, then kidnapped by pirates and very nearly killed.  Once the rescue is accomplished, it seems as though things might return to normal.  But then people involved in Allison's trip through this dangerous time start dying mysteriously.  First, Taylor Duckworth, the ruthless con man dies in a fire.  Then Ben's best friend Curt is shot down while flying from his gulf coast airport across southern Louisiana.  It's time to reconsider their own safety as Ben and Allison combine forces again with one of Ben's Marine Corps friends and put an end to the fear.

What Goes Around
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